Steve's business is training horses, starting young horses, helping problem horses, teaching people to ride and train. Steve believes in using true horsemanship to train a horse and not gimmicks or quick fixes. He believes; the art of horse training is an ongoing learning process and horsemanship is an art form, horsemanship is built with gentleness, flair, feelings, and cooperation, creating light horses can be a challenging and rewarding process.

Steve has been helping equine enthusiasts of Southern California for over 15 years. He has been featured in RFD, and has done clinics and demonstrations throughout Southern California.

Steve takes a lot of pride in the horses he trains and wants them to have a good start and foundation. He recognizes the importance of legs, balance, hands and equipment. His program is very regimented; including ground work, arena work and trial riding. Many foundational components are taught and covered in his program. There are technical skills required in training a horse and Steve has made it a career in the study of these techniques.