Clinic - Saddle Skills

Suppling Techniques

Circling Drills (Core of Suppling)
• Direct Rein Circle
• Lateral Work - Pull Releases
• Softening in the face
Collected Departure
One Hand Drill
Forward Flexion
Soft Feel Bridle
Soft Feel Bridle

Guide Drills

Hacking and Guiding your Horse
Neck Rein Exercise
Square Exercise
Stop Drills


Back Straight - Fix the backup
Backing a Circle

Shoulder Control

Turn Around Drills
Counter Bend
Shoulder In - Shoulder Out

Hip Control

Hips on Fence
Hips In - Hips Out

Diagonal Drills

Two Tracking
Side Pass

Loping Drills

Loping Circles – perfect circles
Lead Departures
Collected Departure
Lead Change Drill

** italic - denotes advanced movements