Clinic Information

Fundamental and Maneuvers Clinic

Build and develop more skills on fundamentals, maneuvers, concepts, confidence and safety. This clinic is designed for all levels of handling your horse on the ground and in saddle.

These are the drills, exercises, fundamentals, maneuvers and concepts covered in the clinic. Depending on the horse and riders level will determine advancement and topics covered.

Date and Time

Oct 17, 2015 - 7 am

** Participants that want to do ground, starting time will be at 7 am.

If we get over the maximum number of participants the clinic will be broken into 2 days. participants of the first day can attend the second day for additional cost.


$150.00 per day


Snaffle bit is required


Please bring your own lunch or pitch in $5.00 for pizza and soda.


Henderson Ranch
21540 Fletcher pl
Perris, CA 92570