Turn Arounds - Hindquarter Turns


Shoulders need to cross over and hindquarter needs to pivot.

Start with a circle. Make sure the horse is following the direct rein and the direction you are going. Pull releases with the reins, direct rein and neck rein working together making the circle smaller until the horse slows down or stops.

Your hands up, across and hold to one side and wait for the horse to make a step with shoulders in the direction you are asking, once the horse steps, release reins drive forward. Your direct rein needs to be out and away from the horses shoulder and the neck rein needs to be applied on the neck.

Hold your hands level and steady pressure, lift up and to the side you want the horse to step. Outside leg applies at the rib cage to drive the horse forward and around, inside leg is off or quiet.

The direction is towards the horses inside hip and up to elevate the horses shoulder. Make sure to hold and wait for the horse to step.
1. Bend the horses head and neck slightly to the direction you are asking
2. Pull the reins up and towards the horses the direction you are going
3. Release when the horse steps correctly
If the horse does not step correctly back a step or drive the horse forward get his legs moving and try again.

   Author - Steven Holt