Straight Lines – Squares - Circles


Hold the shoulders away from the inside. Hold head in a nice position, smooth and easy.

Make sure horse stays on the straight line make sure the horse does not lean inside or outside. Try to keep the horse straight. Keep the head, shoulder and hip on the straight line.

If the horse gets chargey, stop, back, get them to listen to your hands. You want them nice and relaxed.

Lift the reins up to keep shoulders up. To slow down use the reins, sit back on your pockets.
You need to sit balanced and straight in the saddle, keep your legs active.

As soon as the horse turns, check the horse with the brace rein for a straight line, use you’re inside leg at the shoulder to block the inside of the horse.

A circle is four straight lines and four corners or square shaped like a diamond. Keep the horse nicely balanced between the reins, if the horse leans to the inside drive the shoulders to the outside, if the horse leans to the outside drive the horse back to the inside.

   Author - Steven Holt