$75.00 per lesson or prepay 4 lessons for $200.00 @ $50.00 per lesson

Colt Starting - Tune Ups

Includes boarding - $850.00


2 day Clinics 400.00 per person

1 day Clinics 200.00 per person

** Clinics range from 6 to 8 hours a day

Training Levels

Designed for the equine enthusiast. 1 ground level and 3 saddle levels. All saddle levels are prerequisite to each other and ground level is optional. Each level will consist of 5 days or about 40 hours of instruction. You can spilt the days and hours up per arrangements. During each level you will build and develop more skills on fundamentals, maneuvers, confidence and safety. Each level will consist of concepts, drills (exercises), and written materials to reference. Recommend that you bring your horse, however there are horses available for all levels. $850.00 per level.

Educate your hands, legs and your responses. Learn to listen to your horse. This is a lifelong commitment. Let me help build your foundation and education.

Saddle Level 1 is a great place to start. Very popular level. Get the concepts and controls on your horse. Learn the equitation to become a better rider; balance, in rhythm with your horse’s motion, how the reins, your hands, your seat, and legs operate. Backing, advanced backing, circle drills (core of suppling your horse), turn arounds, neck rein exercise that introduces loose rein work, stops and riding circles. Learning these concepts will take your riding to the next level.

Enhance softness on your horse. Learn how to get softness through energy. Advancing the turn around and stop on your horse, side pass, two track, lead departures, rollback, shoulder work which includes; Counter bend, Reverse arc drill, One hand drill, Forward flexion and Headset, and introduction to the back around drill.

At this level you will have the Basic Fundamentals and Foundation Maneuvers under your belt. Reining pattern, turn around, stops, rollback and lead change. We will also study and progress bits, snaffle to curb bit.

Learn safety and control on the ground and study concepts that will enhance your knowledge. Advance your round pen work. Get the respect and learn how to quiet your horse in the round pen, which is essential to your horsemanship.